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Brick and Masonry Problems in Nashville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Causes of Brick and Masonry Problems in Your Nashville and Murfreesboro Home

brick and masonry issues in Nashville and Murfreesboro tnBrick and masonry problems can result in a dilapidated or unappealing look, but they can also be indicative of larger foundation problems. Be proactive about additional signs of foundation problems including:

  • Vertical Corner Cracks: These cracks are a result of drying or shrinkage in the soil surrounding or beneath your home or business.
  • Bulging of Brick or Masonry Walls: This can be attributed to corrosion of of the shelf angle. They can also be caused by excessive rain water draining down the sides of the home, and overly saturated soil around the wall.
  • Step Cracks: This usually occurs due to settlement or deflections. If the support for walls settles or is deflected, the brick and masonry will respond in kind.
  • Compaction: Settling or shrinking foundation often causes bricks to compact on top of each other.
  • Step Cracks: In most cases, this occurs due to settlement or deflections. If the support for walls settles or is deflected, the brick and masonry will follow suit.
  • Compaction: When settling or sinking of your foundation occurs it will cause bricks to compact down on each other.

Solving Nashville and Murfreesboro Brick and Masonry Problems

steel piers repair brick and masonry problems in Nashville and Murfreesboro TNIf your bricks or masonry are crumbling, cracking, or breaking, do not sit idly by and allow your foundation to settle further. Instead, enlist the help of a professional foundation specialist to inspect your foundation. At Ground Up Builders, we use steel push piers such as the Model 350 ECP steel piering system. This two stage system drives a steel piling deep into the load bearing stratum. It then utilizes a unique manifold system to help recover lost elevation of your home or business. Even the heaviest structures can rely on the Model 350 steel pier system. It is designed specifically to provide the highest quality support for your foundation, in turn protecting your investment in your home or business. These piers have an array of benefits, including:

  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Individual and verifiable capacities
  • Industry standard for support piers
  • Easy installation with portable, hydraulic equipment
  • Designed by the best engineers in the industry

Do not allow your bricks or masonry to continuously crumble, break, or crack, as it could become a serious issue. Learn more about the Model 350 pier and our other underpinning products to support, lift, and stabilize your foundation. We also offer superior quality helical anchors and helical tiebacks manufactured by ECP that you can count on. We also offer new construction piering. Our innovative construction products prevent brick and masonry problems due to foundation settlement or failure before they are able to begin. Allow us to find the right product to address your home's specific need! We have years of experience installing foundation piering systems, so you can rely on our team here at Ground Up Builders to complete the job quickly, efficiently, and effectively in your Nashville or Murfreesboro home!

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