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Ceiling Cracks in Nashville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Examining the Causes of Ceiling Cracks in Nashville and Murfreesboro

ceiling cracks in your Nashville and Murfreesboro TN homeCeiling cracks are unpleasant to look at and should be noted when they appear or spread. It is important to be able to note the difference between cracks associated with age and those that result from structural damage. Because all structures are keen to shift over time, cracks can result as a natural component of the aging process. They can also serve as indicators of foundation failure. If this is the case, it is important to repair the underlying foundation problem in a timely fashion. The expert team at Ground Up Builders can restore your foundation and eliminate ceiling cracks.

As with most things, cracks are not one-size-fits-all and different varieties indicate different problems. Determining which type of crack is affecting your ceiling is the first step to fixing it. The most prevalent types of cracks include:

  • Spider web cracks: These cracks emulate the webs of everyone's least favorite creepy crawly and occur not only in the ceiling, but also in the walls and floors. Although they are usually reflective of age and routine home settling, cracks larger than 1/16 inch demand attention as they are indicators of foundation issues.
  • Vertical cracks: These cracks run the length of the ceiling and continue to run down the wall in the same plane. Vertical cracks are usually a symptom of a foundation problem or weak wall stud.
  • Bowed ceiling: One telltale sign of a serious foundation problem is a ceiling crack accompanied by a prominent bow or sip in the ceiling. This is reflective of failing supports which are causing the ceiling to sink and crack.

It is also important to take into account the location of the cracks in your ceiling, as this can determine the magnitude of the problem. Cracks tracing the edges of the ceiling are typically not an issue and are a product of the home's natural settling. However, if cracks develop in the center of the ceiling, that are often the result of a deeper structural issue. The size of cracks is also a prominent indicator of their seriousness; small, thin cracks are far easier and cheaper to repair in comparison to longer, wider ones.

Solutions for Nashville and Murfreesboro Ceiling Cracks

steel piers repair ceiling cracks in Nashville and Murfreesboro TNOne fix for ceiling cracks related to foundation failure is the installation of steel foundation piers. Our steel piers are manufactured by ECP (Earth Contact Products), the leading supplier of foundation repair products. They are simple to install and are constructed to withstand heavy duty loads and brutal conditions. The piers are driven deeply into the stable ground far below the top layers of shifting soil. They are then used to lift the foundation to its intended level and stabilize it, preventing the occurrence of any future complications.

The team at Ground Up Builders has the expertise that tough foundation issues demand. If you are experiencing ceiling cracks in your Nashville or Murfreesboro home, don't wait; contact us today for quality foundation repair services. Call today for a free estimate!

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