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Chimney Problems

What is Causing the Chimney in My Nashville or Murfreesboro Home to Lean or Tilt?

Leaning and tilting chimneys in Nashville and Murfreesboro TNAlthough chimneys are often neglected in the warmer months, homeowners should make an effort to be constantly aware of the state of their chimneys. Leaning or tilting chimneys are a serious problem that can be indicative of further foundation problems. If a tilting chimney is left alone for too long, bricks can begin to tumble out and subject the roof to considerable damage. Leaning chimneys are also apt to pull away from the siding, creating voids. These voids serve as easy access points into the home for bugs, small animals, and water. And if the chimney liner is fractured, a dangerous combustible gas could seep into your hope, posing a serious threat to anyone inside.

Because masonry chimneys are exceptionally heavy, they require a very sturdy base. Without one, they are inclined to lean. There are several foundation-related problems that can cause this to occur, including:

  • Shallow footings
  • Absent footings
  • Disproportionately small footings
  • Deteriorating footings
  • Improperly compacted soil

Regardless of the source of your tilting chimney, having the chimney inspected and corrected immediately is essential. First you must determine if the chimney is in fact leaning as a result of foundation failure. This can be difficult to assess, but here are a few telltale indicators:

  • Gap between siding and chimney: If a gap is separating the siding on the house and the exterior chimney, the lean is probably indicative of foundation problems.
  • Uneven mortar joints: Some chimneys are designed to appear tilted. To determine if your chimney is leaning unintentionally, pay special attention to the horizontal mortar joints. If they are level, the chimney is safe and was built that way intentionally. If not, have the chimney inspected immediately.
  • Leaking chimney: If the roof surrounding your chimney is leaking as a result of dislodged flashing, the chimney has likely settled along with the foundation.
  • Leaning in the attic: If the chimney runs through the interior of the home, inspect the attic to ensure that it is centered properly. If the chimney is leaning, it will be off center in the framed opening and pressed to one side.

Correcting a Tilting Chimney in Middle Tennessee

Tilting chimneys come with a host of problems extending beyond aesthetics. If neglected, they can become a serious health risk to your family,Steel piers for leaning chimney repair in Nashville & Murfreesboro, TN friends, and neighbors. Leaning chimneys are rarely a standard age-related complication, but rather a defect related to deep foundation problems. Because the chimney is often one of the heaviest parts of your home, it can serve as a preliminary symptom of a serious foundation issue. Not only this, but it can also diminish the value of your home substantially. If your chimney is leaning, it is time to call Ground Up Builders to finish the job.

If your chimney is tilting, contact a professional repair expert right away. What was once a tilting chimney can quickly turn into a host of expensive problems including damaged roofs, diminished air quality throughout the home, wall cracks, uneven floors, and water damage. If the chimney collapses, everyone in your family is at great risk.

Our team of repair experts offers a variety of solutions to remedy leaning chimneys. ECP Helical piers can be used to lift your slab foundations, porches, and other light weight structures. Other options include steel piers and plate anchors; contact us today to determine which solution is best for your foundation.

Here at Ground Up Builders, we are proud to offer free estimates and prompt service to fix your problem at the source! Don't wait until your leaning chimney inflicts serious damage.

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