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Exterior Drainage: Outside Solutions to Keep Your Home Dry for the Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN Area drainage and exterior waterproofing in Nashville

In order to have a solid foundation and a dry basement it is necessary to have a drainage system that is functional. With the seasons the amount of water in the soil that surrounds your home can change. Beneath the surface of your home is a water table. This is the point at which you can hit water when digging. The water table changes according to the amount of rainfall within any given season. In certain parts of the country the water table can actually rise to within a few feet of the surface during particularly wet times of the year. When water drains it will take the path of least resistance. If a home is not waterproofed on the outside it is very easy for water to enter the foundation through any small crack. We at Ground Up Builders install exterior drainage systems in Nashville TN and Murfreesboro TN and the surrounding area.

Exterior Drainage Solutions for Nashville TN

An exterior foundation drainage system can eliminate worry about water issues in basements for the Nashville TN and Murfreesboro area. A drain tile system is a method of transporting groundwater away from the basement. It is important to keep water from collecting near the foundation. Water that is trapped around a structure or even beneath the structure is the number one reason foundation repair is necessary. We utilize ECP products for our foundation repairs. An exterior waterproofing system would consist of these Earth Contact Products solutions:

  • A Waterproofing Membrane
  • A Dimple Drainage Board
  • 4 Inch Perforated Drain Pipe
  • 4 Inch Drain Pipe Fittings
  • ECP Sump Basin
  • Combination Primary/Back-up Sump Pump
  • Sump pump discharge freeze guard

exterior waterproofing in Murfreesboro, TN by Ground Up BuildersTo ensure your home's safety it is important for you to have a functioning waterproofing system. Ground Up Builders make sure that you will have the necessary system to keep your house dry from water. With a quality system it will prevent further damage to your home's foundation, so that it will not have foundation issues in the future. Our number one priority is making sure that the customer is satisfied with our work. We promise that if you put your trust in us then we will make sure that the job gets done quick and satisfactory. Our professionals proudly serve the Nashville, TN and Murfreesborok, TN area so contact us today and we can settle this problem in your home.

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