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New Construction Piers for Nashville, Murfreesboro

Helical piers are placed under new construction below active soils so that your home or business is anchored in stable soils. These piers are placed every 8 to 10 feet depending on load requirements, footing reinforcement details and existing soil bearing capacity. Ground Up Builders can solve problems of building on high water tables, fill soils, and expansive and unsuitable soils by using new construction piers. Stop foundation problems before they start. Providing foundations with additional support before concrete is poured, you can be sure that the structure will rest on a solid base for years to come. new construction piers Murfreesboro, Nashville, TN

Helical piers made by Earth Contact Products (ECP), are excellent for new construction piering. Ground Up Builders drills the piers into the ground until they reach stable soil. Torque anchors are part of the complete product line of helical piers. These torque anchors consists of a shaft and welded to the shaft are one or more helical plates. The plate diameters increase from the bottom of the shaft upward and are spaced a distance of three times the diameter of the plate directly below. Then t-caps are placed on the torque anchors and rebar is tied to the cap before concrete is poured. Helical piers work as a more effective replacement for concrete piers since they install easily and the load is immediately transferred to them. These piers reach beyond the layers of active soil and anchor into more stable soils.

Protect Your Nashville or Murfreesboro Home From the Start

Foundation failure is a serious problem and once the foundation starts to fail, it will lead to many problems in your home or business. By having Ground Up Builders use a piering system on your new construction, you won't have to worry about foundation failure in the future. The experts at Ground Up Builders offers the premier helical piers made by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the best in the industry.

These new construction piers will prevent problems from arising in the future, ensure that your foundation is stable and will save you time and money later. Contact Ground Up Builders for all of your new construction piering solutions. When you use the experts at Ground Up Builders along with the best foundation products available for new construction piering, you can be assured that your project is done with the highest quality. For new construction piering solutions in and around Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN - Call us today!

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