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Stair and Stoop Problems

What is Causing the Stairs or Stoop in My Nashville or Murfreesboro Home to Crack or Settle?

stair and stoop problems in Murfreesboro and Nashville TNYour stairs and porch are the entry point into your house and a visitor's first impression of your home, so keeping them functional and aesthetically pleasing should be a priority. Unfortunately they are inclined to crack, sink, and settle just like the rest of your home's foundation. When this occurs, the problem is usually located in the soil beneath the affected structure. Red clay soil is sensitive to variations in moisture content and shifts accordingly, and because it is prevalent in the notoriously rainy state of Tennessee, porches and stoops in Nashville and Murfreesboro are vulnerable to cracking and shifting over time.

If your porch or stoop is sagging or pulling away from the home, it is a good idea to contact a professional foundation repair contractor in a timely manner. These issues can lower the value of your home substantially and also pose a safety risk to anyone living in or visiting your home.

At Ground Up Builders, we offer fast, effective. and cost-efficient stair, stoop, and porch repair to residents in middle Tennessee.

Solutions to Porch or Stoop Problems in Nashville or Murfreesboro and Surrounding Areas

steel piers repair stair and stoop problems in Nashville and Murfreesboro TNIf your porch or stoop is experiencing problems, do not assume that the only solution is to remove and rebuild it. This can be an expensive and time-consuming process and if the new structure is constructed on the same soil as the previous one, the problems will continue. If you would like to end your stair and stoop problems once and for all, enlist the help of Ground Up Builders. We will install steel push piers or helical piers to raise your affected structure to its intended level while simultaneously restoring curb appeal, safety, and functionality. These piers are driven deeply underground below the porch or support to lift the structure and stabilize it for years to come. We rely on piers manufactured by ECP (Earth Contact Products), the leading supplier in the industry, so our customers can have peace of mind that they are receiving the best repairs possible. These piers have a multitude of benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Minimal disruption to the work site
  • Easy installation
  • Little to no vibration
  • Installation in any weather conditions
  • Installation beneath active soils
  • Highly durable

Whether your stairs or stoop are lightly cracking or you suspect they are gone beyond repair, enlist the help of Ground Up Builders. Our team of professional foundation repair experts possesses the knowledge and experience required to properly fix any type or severity of stair, stoop, or porch problems. If your porch has been damaged and you would like to be able to use it again, contact Ground Up today and we will have it restored in no time! Call today for a free estimate or for more information. We service Nashville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and surrounding areas.

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