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Water in Yard

Solutions for Pooling Water from Ground Up Builders Inc. in TennesseeIf your surface drainage system does not work properly, it may cause water to pool in your yard. This can be an annoying issue, as it can lead to a wet basement or crawlspace as well as foundation problems. In addition, pooling water in your yard can cause the grass and other greenery in your yard to drown, greatly detracting from the curb appeal of your home. If you have noticed that water often pools in your yard, contact a basement waterproofing expert from Ground Up Builders Inc. today. We work hard to find the best solution for the pooling water in your yard.

There are many different things that can cause water to pool in your yard. The main causes of pooling water include:

  • Leaking or clogged gutters: If the gutters on your home become clogged or start to leak, they may dump water next to your foundation, causing it to build up and pool.
  • Downspouts that are too short: Downspouts that do not extend far enough away from your home, they will dump out water near the foundation.
  • Improperly graded ground: The landscaping around your home must be properly sloped to allow water to run away from the foundation. If this is not the case, water may pool in the yard around the foundation.
  • Lack of underground exterior drainage: Catch basins and and drywells in the yard can collect pooling water and keep it from damaging your foundation.

If water is pooling around your foundation, it can lead to basement water issues. Water that pools in your yard near the foundation is more likely to seep through the porous concrete and leak into your basement through foundation cracks. If the pooling water seeps into the concrete of your foundation, it may even weaken the foundation, and make it more susceptible to foundation failure, such as foundation cracks and crumbling and flaking foundations.

Solutions for Water Pooling in Your Yard in Tennessee

Water in Yard Repair Solutions from Ground Up Builders Inc. in Nashville and Murfreesboro, TNThe best way to keep water from pooling in your yard is to make sure that the surface drainage systems in your home are working properly. If the gutters on your house are not regularly cleaned, they may become clogged, causing water to leak out and pool around the foundation. Gutters that are not sloped correctly, water will not drain properly. The downspouts attached to the gutters must extend far enough to keep water away from the foundation. Grading around the home is also important, as this helps rainwater to run away from the foundation, preventing water seepage and leakage through the foundation.

Installing an exterior drainage and waterproofing system can also help prevent water pooling. These systems use catch basins, drywells, waterproof membranes, and drainage boards to keep the groundwater saturation low. This will help keep the soil able to absorb more of the water that would otherwise pool in your yard.

If you are looking for premiere waterproofing services to take care of your pooling water issues, contact Ground Up Builders as soon as possible. We provide various basement waterproofing methods for the residents of the Nashville, and Murfreesboro, TN area.

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