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Wet Crawlspaces

Why is There Water in My Nashville or Murfreesboro Area Crawlspace?

wet crawlspaces in nashville and murfreesboro tnAlthough many homeowners view their crawlspace as nothing more than a place to store seasonal decorations, pests and moisture see it as a prime location to invade your home. Many crawlspaces suffer from moisture problems that if left unaddressed can spiral into extensive damage throughout your entire home. To avoid further damage and expenses, it is important to notify a professional foundation repair contractor at the first sign of moisture. For all of your crawlspace waterproofing needs, contact Ground Up Builders today.

If you are unsure that the moisture in your crawlspace elicits professional repair, be on the lookout for additional symptoms, including:

  • Damp or wet insulation
  • Flooding or pooling water
  • Water stains
  • Condensation on ductwork
  • Musty odors
  • Presence of mold or mildew
  • High humidity
  • Rotting on wood beams
  • Rusting on metal surfaces

These are all serious issues that should not be taken lightly. If your crawlspace has been plagued by any of the signs mentioned above, they can be remedied with the basement waterproofing services of Ground Up. If left unchecked, a small amount of excess moisture can quickly snowball into extensive water damage that is difficult and expensive to repair. Mold can begin growing after the first drops of water and infect the air throughout the entire home, diminishing the overall air quality and negatively impacting your family and any visitors to your home. Additionally, many homeowners store family heirlooms in their crawlspace. Because most of these items are sentimentally valuable and thus irreplaceable, you will want to ensure that your crawlspace stays dry and protected! These are only a few of many problems fostered by wet crawlspaces.

Wet Crawlspace Solutions in Nashville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and Surrounding Areas

get surface drainage for wet crawlspaces in Nashville and Murfreesboro TNDo not attempt to take crawlspace waterproofing into your own hands; instead, let Ground Up Builders handle it. We are the experts in basement and crawlspace waterproofing in central Tennessee. We proudly offer an arsenal of solutions to protect your home from water damage. One option is to install a surface drainage system which incorporates gutters, grading around the home, and drain pipe systems to redirect water away from the foundation and crawlspace. Our exterior drainage systems prevent water from penetrating the crawlspace by collecting it before it reaches the foundation through the use of waterproofing membranes, perforated drain pipes, and drainage boards.

Should any water make its way past the surface or exterior drainage system, our interior drainage system will get rid of the moisture once and for all. This system relies on drain pipes and water channels to collect any infiltrated water and deliver it to a sump pump which carries it far away from your home's foundation.

We also offer crawlspace encapsulation to provide you with a vapor barrier, protecting your crawlspace from the damages of moisture.

To ensure the safety and functionality of your crawlspace, call the professionals at Ground Up Builders today. We will collaborate with you to identify the source of the problem and determine the best solution tailored to your specific home and budget. Contact us today for more information and your free estimate! We proudly serve Nashville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and surrounding areas.

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